Young people are under pressure, but we’re also powerful

Jessica explores the pressures on university students, as well as how young people are challenging the world we live in

True Stories

I’m Jessica and I’m a 20 year old student at Nottingham Trent university. When I’m not living in Nottingham for my studies I live in London with my family. Outside of university I spend my time with friends, going to the gym, writing articles for The Tab, and volunteering at The Mix!

It’s hard not to waste time…

I think the idea of having ‘enough’ time is difficult. When I examine the time I’ve used up in a day, I always feel like I’ve wasted some of it. I feel like it isn’t wasted on myself, but it isn’t wasted meaningfully. For example, my alarm goes off at 8am every day, but I rarely leave my bed earlier than 8:30am; then it takes me half an hour to get ready, so I often look back at my time wondering what I did during that half an hour! However, writing this piece has made me realise that it’s OK to not rush everywhere, or do everything. Taking that hour and a half to adjust to the day may be what I need to head to the library. Sometimes I’m not sure if going to the gym is ‘me time’, or a chore, but I normally have time for myself after 9pm to watch Netflix or hang out with my friends.

#MyTime is beneficial 

It’s important to have your own time and feel like you’re doing something for yourself, rather than meeting an expectation, a deadline or event. Having my own time benefits me in certain ways. Relaxing by watching TV allows my brain to unwind, and time with my friends boosts my happiness and character.

At my age, life can feel overwhelming

I think at my age there is a lot of pressure on my time. I’m at a key pivotal point in my personal development, career beginning and university life. My second year at university has gone insanely fast; I’m trying to cram in studying hard, a social life, work experience and volunteering. I’m trying to balance still being adolescent, calling my parents with every problem, work experience, volunteering, job interviews, budgeting money…it’s a whirlwind! At times it feels overwhelming, but I’m trying to remember that I should grasp this moment whilst I still have it.

Young people are powerful

I believe that society is what you make of it. It’s clear that young people can be highly influential. I think our time is valued within society, as we constantly challenge generations older than us. Campaigns such as #TimesUp and #NeverAgain, alongside the women’s march, black lives matter and gay pride are heavily influenced by young people. Additionally, the freedom of Twitter and Instagram allow young people’s voices to be heard. Although, sometimes I feel belittled as a young adult, I also think the power of young people is stronger than we know.

If I had more time, I’d love to go to more protests, museums, talks and read more books.

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Updated on 30-Apr-2018