Russell Brand Remixes The Mix

Françoise Facella
Communications & Events
Russell Brand editor of The Mix

Comedian, broadcaster and author, Russell Brand, has joined The Mix as our guest editor from 18th-22nd September 2017. He’s ‘re-mixing’ some of our advice on sex, relationships, drugs, drink, food and money.

Here at The Mix we’re all about making sure you can find the right advice and support you need wherever you are. We want you to live a healthy, happy and productive life, but are aware of the challenges young people face, sometimes making the goal of achieving this, even more difficult.

So when Russell wanted to use his experience of fourteen and half years in recovery to support more people, we literally bit his arm off!

Not only will Russell be The Mix Ambassador on issues related to addiction, he’s also committed to volunteer his time by editing some of our advice content, along with creating new content based on his own personal journey and recovery. What better way to help those who’ve struggled with addiction than to have someone become a part of The Mix who knows exactly how it feels to fight their own demons… and win!

“In my youth I made a lot of mistakes. In fact my entire youth was a mistake. Hopefully this era of filthy blundering can now benefit the woke folk coming up now through my collaboration with The Mix.”

Russell will also be taking over our social media channels, so make sure you get involved throughout the week. Tune in live to Facebook on 19th September at 4pm where you can ask Russell anything you want… no really, he says anything!

During his time with The Mix, Russell will be sharing content from his new book Recovery – a self-help guide about dealing with addiction. An extract will be available via our newsletter – so sign up if you’d like a sneak peek.

We are looking forward to a week that we believe will be an exhilarating mix of honesty, humour and compassion.

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Published on 12-Sep-2017