What is Peer-To-Peer? The Mix’s New Service Launches August 2024


The Mix launches a brand new service for young people in August 2024. The new Peer-To-Peer support service will takeover their helpline, which closed earlier this year. The service is the result of months of research and involvement from young people – here’s what to expect…

What is peer support chat service? 

The Mix’s Peer Support Chat gives you a 1:1 space with a trained volunteer to talk about anything and everything that’s on your mind, and figuring what your next steps might look like. We can also offer signposting, support spaces and other resources you can check out. You can book one 45 minute session and be connected with a volunteer that has had a similar experience to you. 

Why are moving to a peer support model? 

Our Youth Advisory Board acknowledged that there had been an increase in crisis contacts coming through and advocated for a preventative peer support service, which still allowed young people to develop connections with others. The change has been led by young people from the very beginning, and based on existing models across the different countries.

How does it work? 

  • Step 1. Visit the Peer Support Chat Service page 
  • Step 2. Fill out a brief form and tell us what you’d like support with 
  • Step 3. Select a volunteer that matches your needs and book a session 
  • Step 4. You will receive a 45 minute session to explore your thoughts and feelings with the volunteer 
  • Step 5. During and after your session, you will also receive further signposting and resources via email 

When is this happening? 

Stay tuned! Our new service launches August 2024 

And remember, we’re still here with all our other services: 

  • Crisis Messenger24/7 text-based support for any issue on your mind. 
  • Counselling Service: Short-term help with your mental health and emotional wellbeing. 
  • Chatbot: Fast information on a range of topics from relationships to mental health. 
  • Discussion Boards and Community: A safe space to get support online from other young people going through similar experiences.


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Published on 03-Jul-2024

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