What is a fanny fart? Embarrassing sex explained

Fanny farts, loud orgasms and urination - oh my. Sex can be filled with cringe moments. The Mix asks what is a fanny fart, as we explore the more embarrassing side of sex and guide you through ways to ease the shame.

Two young people are sitting in a classroom laughing as they talk about fanny farts and embarrassing sex

What is a fanny fart? (frump/queef)

All women do it at some time, usually at the most inappropriate times. Yes, they do have a distinctive fart sound about them, but no they are not the same as your usual fart. Fanny farts are made up of air and not stinky gas (as no gas is produced ‘down there’, there’s no such thing as vaginal gas), and they’re released from the vagina, not the bottom.

What causes fanny farts?

During sex the vaginal canal opens up, allowing air to enter. Amounts of air can get trapped in the vagina and are then forced out at high pressure (often following the removal of the penis/sex toy etc). While they might not stink like normal farts, they do make the funniest, loudest, kill-the-moment noises ever.

Best way to deal with a fanny fart during sex: Laugh it off – together.

Loud orgasms

The question is how loud is too loud? There’s no straightforward answer, as this often depends on where you are, who you’re with and whether you care what anyone else thinks. Screaming, “Fuck me harder big boy” when you know his parents are in the next room is probably a little loud, while a ‘When Harry met Sally’ extravaganza in the comfort of your own pad should be OK.

Best way to deal with loud orgasms: Being vocal during sex is not a bad thing; if anything it shows you’re comfortable with your partner, and you’ll probably have better sex as a result. A new partner may be taken aback if your outbursts are dirtier than the tame ‘yes, yes, yes’, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get on board with it! If you find your partner’s flatmates sniggering when you go down to the kitchen the next morning, you may want to think before you scream, and lower the volume a little.

Sex makes me want to pee

This is a common problem for girls for several reasons:

  • Fear: that you’ll lose control when we orgasm and piss all over your lover causing them to run away screaming. Even if you don’t actually need a piss, somehow you think you do.
  • Pressure on the bladder: Some sexual positions put more pressure on the bladder than others and can make you feel like you need to piss even if you don’t.
  • You really do need a piss: Sometimes our thrustings and fumblings happen after the pub/club meaning there are several pints of alcohol swimming through your system as you start to get jiggy.

The best way to deal with sex making you need to pee: Removing the fear of giving an uninvited golden shower is easily done – go to the loo before you have sex (especially as sex on a full bladder is one cause of cystitis). In truth, you’re probably in better control of your bodily functions than you think, and actually weeing on your partner (without wanting to) is unlikely to happen. If you are really worried you could also try training up your PC muscle… your what? Learn about what the PC muscle does in this article.

Want to share your embarrassing sex stories on our Discussion Boards? You can post anonymously if you’re shy, and you’ll probably find plenty of people who have been in your *ahem* position before.

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By The Mix Staff

Updated on 20-Dec-2022