Kegel exercises

Working your pelvic floor muscle can improve your sex life. But how do you do kegel exercises? The Mix finds out.

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What is a pelvic floor muscle?

The pelvic floor muscle (PC) stands for Pubococcygeus, a large muscle that goes around the anus and most of the floor of the pelvis. In women, the muscle fibres circle the vagina, and in men, they pass under the prostate gland.

What does the PC muscle do?

It supports the contents of the pelvis, prevents urine incontinence, and (the best bit) increases sexual pleasure for females and males. Women with strong PC muscles often say that they have more toned-up vaginas, and can reach orgasm more easily. Many men who have trained their love muscle find that it allows them to delay orgasm and prevent premature ejaculation. A few men also say it lets them have two or more orgasms in a row without needing a ‘rest’ in between.

How do you find your pelvic floor?

Next time you pee, try to tighten up and stop the flow of urine. Notice the sensation, that’s from tightening your PC muscle. Try it a few times to get the hang of it. Try squeezing it during sex to see if you like the sensations it causes, and ask if your partner likes it too.

Kegel exercises

To make those love muscles stronger, you have to work out. The exercises are called Kegels, and usually involve tensing for two seconds, then relaxing for two seconds. Kegel exercises are repeated several times for a few minutes every day, and most people have noticeable results in a couple of months. Women can also buy weights that are used inside the vagina to provide resistance and build the muscles up quicker. Some of them are cone-shaped, and others look a bit like a mini barbell.

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Updated on 29-Sep-2015