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Am I too stressed to be in a relationship?

I’m doing a Masters and it’s so hard and really stressing me out. What makes it worse is my girlfriend is getting really needy and keeps complaining I never see her. Of course I want to see her, but I’m so busy. And even when I’m with her, I’m so stressed I can’t really focus on giving her attention. I feel like I’m in a vicegrip. What do I do?

Holly Bourne Holly

Our expert says:

Stress can impact even the strongest of relationships. And, if you’ve noticed a shift in how happy you feel with someone, you should examine what else is going on in your lives that may be causing this. Has one of you got exams? Or lost someone close to you? If so, it’s important to recognise that it’s not ‘you’ as a couple that’s creating this, but outside forces. And if you can communicate openly about how this is making you feel, you can discuss what you both can do to get through this tricky period.

What do you think? How do you handle stress in a relationship? Do you sometimes even need to put one on hold until you’re through a major stress in your life? Remember, everyone’s relationships is different. There’s no right or wrong.


Posted on 14-Apr-2015


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