How to fail an interview and not to get a job

The Mix spoke to Angela Lewis, supervisor at Adecco Recruitment, about the big mistakes some people make when applying for work. Here are her top six pet hates, guaranteed to lose you that job.

Boy in an interview

I may not have got the job, but how about dinner?

Spelling mistakes on CVs and covering letters

The worst thing you can do here is get the company’s name wrong. It makes applicants look really dim and careless. The solution? Use a dictionary and the spell checker (use the UK English setting, not American) on your computer.

Being outrageously pushy

It’s great to look keen, but don’t go over the top. If you post your application to the employer, then fax it twice, and ring them three times in the same day, you are just going to make busy people angry and waste their time. They won’t want to work with a pain in the arse like you, will they?

Extreme arrogance

OK, maybe you are perfect for this job, but don’t tell the employer that! They want to make their own mind up. Never, ever presume that the job is yours already when you write in or attend an interview. Try being quietly confident instead – it can work wonders.

Not preparing properly for the interview

If you turn up late, with scruffy clothes and greasy hair, don’t expect anyone to think it’s funny. If you look like a slob, people who don’t know you will automatically assume that you are a slob. Show some respect and make an effort to look good.

Being rude to the interviewer

Interviewers don’t like it if you just barge in and sit down. Remember to say hello, make eye contact, and shake hands. Wait to be invited to take a seat. Read our tips for interview body language. They want to employ someone who has good social skills, so show them that you’ve got some.

Big sweaty handshakes

Nuff said.

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Updated on 29-Sep-2015