What are the alternatives to college?

I hate studying and I can’t see myself finishing the course I’ve just started at college. Do I have any other options? I only said I’d do it to get everyone off my back.

Many people find the course that they have enrolled on is not right for them. It’s important you evaluate your options at this time. It sounds like you’re taking this course to make other people feel happy. Is the course holding you back from something else that you would rather be doing? Do you have a particular career in mind for the future that requires you to take this course, or other formal qualifications? We’ve got an article on changing course here.

There are loads of alternatives to college in the UK. It might be worth speaking with your education provider’s careers advisor. Your college should have a careers advisor or careers centre to get guidance with your future career, CV and job applications. Your personal tutor should also be able to help you out with this. Check out our article on how to write a CV here.

You mention you hate studying. Many people find that after they have finished school, they need a break from studying. If this is the case for you, you might want to consider taking a gap year while you weigh up your options, it may be that you then decide to continue with your course, with a fresh approach to learning. There are many different types of gap year you can get involved in, including travelling, volunteering and working. See our article on gap year placements for more info.

There’s also the option of undertaking a vocational study programme. A vocational course is one which gives you the skills needed for a trade or occupation, such as electrician, plumber, florist, and hairdresser.

Another option might be looking into apprenticeships. This effectively means you’re paid a small sum to work within a skilled environment to be taught the skills you need. There’s usually some studying involved in both of these options, but it may be that you’re more interested in the content than the course you are currently undertaking.

Ultimately, it’s your decision whether you continue with your course or take a new direction. It might be advisable to look into your options first rather than just quitting your course, though. If there’s something that you’d rather be doing, then speaking with your college tutor or your careers advisor should open up some new avenues for you.

Answered by bss on 25-Sep-2012

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