Where can I learn a trade?

I’d like to learn a trade and get paid for doing it, but I don’t know where to start and who to contact. Is there a specific route I should take?

There are a number of routes you can take. Doing an apprenticeship is one way to combine getting a qualification in the area of your choice whilst getting paid.

Apprenticeships cover a wide range of sectors from agriculture to the creative industries. You can find out about apprenticeships in your area by calling the Apprenticeships Helpline on 0800 150600. You could also search for vacancies on Gov.UK.

Alternatively, some employers may be prepared to take you on part or full time and train you on the job. You could try contacting local businesses who work in the field you’re interested to see if they have any positions available.

If you’re not sure what trade you’d like to learn, you could contact learndirect (the national learning advice line) on 0800 100900. The helpline offers free, independent careers advice.

Answered by bss on 25-Sep-2012

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