Bored at work

Finding it hard dragging yourself to work in the mornings? Would you rather stay under your duvet and watch daytime telly? Here's how to get motivated in your job.

boy at his computer looking stressed

Is it bad that thinking about killing my boss is getting me through the day?

Hate your work, or just bored?

If you just hate your job and always have, then you should probably get a new one, but if the job was fun before you just need to get that spark back.

Often, after you have been in your job for a while, more and more responsibility and paperwork will get piled on you and the fun stuff is left to someone else. If you miss a certain element of your job try reworking your schedule to fit it back in.

If you are lacking in energy, or your working day drags, try doing something exciting with your breaks, go for a walk, go to the gym or swimming – or even a little retail therapy will help the day fly by.

Go for your goals

  • Set yourself goals to achieve at work each day or each week. By having something to work towards you will gain a better sense of achievement when you succeed. It should help to give you a boost.
  • If you’re finding it hard to get motivated alone, talk to your manager and ask them to help you set clear, achievable aims. It will make you look proactive and could even help to improve your working relationship.
  • Think about any projects at work that interest you – even if the work’s being carried out by another team – if you show willing people are unlikely to turn your offer of help down.
  • Could you benefit from learning new skills? Think about how they could improve your performance at work and then do your research on relevant training courses. Next, approach your boss with a clear outline of why the training will be worthwhile.

Get positive

It may not be the job that is dragging you down, but yourself. If you are blaming yourself for problems at work, feeling a failure and basically rock bottom on self-esteem, you need to try thinking positive.

Make a deal with yourself – if something goes wrong make something positive happen. If your day has been filled with PC horror, do something fun to make up for it. Go out for lunch or a drink with a mate or buy yourself a present.

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Updated on 29-Sep-2015