How can I get a job in sport?

I’d like a career in sport as it’s the only thing I’m good at, but the careers lady at school thinks this is silly. I’m not good enough to be a professional athlete, but surely there’s something I can do?

It’s great you’re so passionate about working in the sports industry. There are a number of careers in the field of sport that you could look into.

Is there a specific sport that interests you or a particular skill you’d like to use? It’s good to think about these things because they might help you to research what’s available to you, for example, do you want to work outside, with children or in an office?

It could be that you want to be hands-on and get involved in teaching other people how to play a sport? Many people find it rewarding to impart their own talents or knowledge to other people.

If this is the case, could you speak to your school or college’s Physical Education department? The teachers or tutors there should be able to let you know what courses you would need to study to become a teacher, or might let you volunteer with one of their extra curricular teams. This might be helpful as you will get a feeling for what coaching or teaching is like. Likewise, you could speak with local leisure centres or teams to see if you can help them out in some way.

Another avenue you could explore is sports therapy, which deals with injury prevention and rehabilitation. Or perhaps you want to write about or review sporting events?

There are a number of different avenues that you could pursue in your search for a career within sports. It might be worth getting a second opinion about your career options from another source. You could National Careers Service, who offer confidential careers advice to 13-19 year olds. The helpline is available on 0800 100 900.

Answered by bss on 25-Sep-2012

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