What’s causing the dark circles under my eyes?

I have really dark circles under my eyes that make me feel self-conscious. I drink quite a lot and wondered if alcohol is to blame. I really want to get rid of them. What should I do?

Feeling paranoid and insecure about the way you look can be difficult to cope with. But it’s worth remembering that many people won’t notice the dark circles under your eyes. They’re probably too busy worrying about a part of their own appearance they’re unhappy with.

In most cases, dark circles under the eyes are perfectly natural and can sometimes be inherited. They can also be due the skin around the eyes thinning as we get older. This thinner skin allows darker shadows of bone and blood vessels to show through.

Fatigue can also be a cause for these dark areas, so if your sleep patterns are being disturbed, this could be a factor. Sometimes alcohol can affect sleep, so there’s a possibility that the drinking and the dark circles under your eyes are linked.

There are several creams and eye gels that claim to alleviate dark circles. Unfortunately, however, there are no reliable short-term treatments for dark rings. But it’s worth trying to reduce or cut out alcohol because you may find this has a positive effect on your eyes. You may also find that sticking to a balanced diet and generally trying to live a healthy lifestyle will help.


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