Should my tattoo be swollen?

Tattoo bruising and tattoo swelling

If you’ve just had a tattoo for the first time you probably excited to show it off, but what if it doesn’t look quite like you planned? Minor reactions to tattoos are common, and most fade within a week, so don’t panic, especially if you tend to bruise easily. Let’s take a look at some common tattoo side effects to put your mind at ease.

In addition to understanding common tattoo side effects, ensuring proper aftercare and hygiene practices is crucial for minimizing the risk of complications. Whether experiencing bruising or swelling, maintaining a clean tattoo site can aid in the healing process and reduce the likelihood of infection. Professional tattoo artists emphasize the importance of following their aftercare instructions, which often include gentle cleansing with mild soap and water to remove any debris or excess ink. By availing oneself of reputable TATTOO ARTIST SERVICES IN PASADENA, individuals can benefit from the expertise and hygiene standards upheld by skilled professionals, mitigating the potential for adverse reactions and promoting optimal healing outcomes. Furthermore, seeking the services of experienced tattoo artists not only enhances the aesthetic quality of the tattoo but also ensures adherence to strict hygiene protocols.

What causes tattoo bruising & tattoo swelling?

The tattooing process, in particular the action of the tattooing needle, can be a bit of a shock to your body. Hundreds or thousands of tiny pin pricks to the surface of the skin is bound to cause some irritation and, as you probably know, a fair bit of pain (or a lot, depending on the tattoo location and how heavy handed your artist is). If you’ve got a bit of tattoo bruising or tattoo swelling, it’s just a sign that your body is healing by sending more blood to the affected area, it’s not usually anything to worry about and it’s very rare to have an allergic reaction.

If you’re concerned, go and see a doctor to put your mind at ease.

Is swelling after a tattoo normal?

“Yesterday I had a tattoo done on my foot and now it’s now swollen and bruised. Is this normal? If so, how long can I expect it to last?”

It’s normal to be concerned after having a tattoo – it’s a major change for your body – but swelling after a tattoo is perfectly normal right after it has been done.

How long does it take to heal after a tattoo?

It will usually take slightly over a week for a tattoo to heal, but even after this point your skin is still in recovery and may take over a month to return to its original state.

Tattoo aftercare

In terms of tattoo aftercare, the bandage that initially covered it should be removed shortly afterwards, and then gently washed every 15 minutes in soapy warm water with a cloth. After the first day new skin forms on the surface of your tattoo, making it sensitive to abrasive surfaces like cloths and towels. Cleanse as before, but just once or twice a day with your hands, applying an antibiotic ointment to aid the healing process.

It’s important to follow the guidelines set out by your tattoo artist, so it may be worth going back to them if you have any concerns about the way that your tattoo is healing. Alternatively, speak to your doctor (GP), who should also be able to advise you on the best caring methods for your new tattoo.

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