Why do I feel bloated?

I’ve been trying to lose weight for quite some time now and I’ve done a lot of research into different types of dieting. But I’ve started skipping breakfast because I always feel bloated after eating cereal. It makes me feel like I’ve put loads of weight on. Is this natural? How can I try and get my body to accept breakfast as part of my routine?

As you’ve probably discovered, breakfast plays an important role in most diets. This is because it sets your body up for the rest of the day, both mentally and physically.

As grim as it may feel, that bloated feeling you get after eating cereal is quite normal and generally down to the cereal doing its job. Wholegrain cereals, like bran flakes and porridge oats, are classified as unrefined carbohydrates. This means that they contain lots of fibre, which makes you feel fuller for longer. These types of carbohydrates are also processed by the body to produce glucose, which gives you the energy that you need to think clearly and be active throughout your day. So it’s ideal to include unrefined carbohydrates in your diet because you’re less likely to snack or eat unhealthy throughout the day.

Cereals are also classed as insoluble fibres, so when mixed with water they create a bulking effect that improves the movement of waste around your digestive system. It may well be a variety of these processes that’s making you feel bloated in the morning. However, these are all good and healthy processes and will aid any potential balanced diet.

There are lots of things that you could do to make breakfast more enjoyable, like adding fruits to your cereal or using natural yoghurt instead of milk. You could also try changing the conditions in which you have breakfast to help you enjoy it. For example, you could use it as a more social time with your family or friends, or perhaps something that you do once you get to work or college when you’re away from the stresses of home life.

Do you ever have these feelings towards food at any other meal times? If you do, it might be worth talking to your doctor (GP) about why this is happening.

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