Why does my bum bleed when I go to the loo?

When I go to the toilet after doing a poo there's blood on the tissue - not from my vagina but from my bum. Should I be worried?

There are many possible causes for blood after pooing. It could be that when wiping yourself you have caused a small tear in theskin, known as an anal fissure. This can happen to anyone, but tends to particularly affect young people. Anal fissures are rarely serious but they can take some time to heal, so might re-open each time you go to the loo.

Equally, if you strain very hard when having a bowel movement, it’s possible to cause a small tear in the rectum or anus which could result in bright red blood on the toilet paper. Again, this should heal by itself before too long.

Another cause could be piles (also known as haemorrhoids) – small varicose veins, located around the anus, which have dilated and filled with blood. Thought to be caused by too much toilet straining, and a common problem for pregnant women, piles can be treated by creams available from your local chemist or pharmacy.

Anal bleeding or pain might, however, indicate more serious conditions, so you should speak to your local doctor (GP). They will be able to examine you and, taking into account your medical history, give you a diagnosis and details of appropriate treatment.


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