Daylio App (Mood Tracker)

Daylio is a great app to track your mood throughout the day/week/month

I'm new to The Mix and I thought I would give my recommendation for an app. The Daylio app helps me track my mood and activities on a day to day basis. I suffer from depression and, unfortunately, it seems it's here to stay. But being able to see how your mood has been over the past weeks or month can be really helpful.

The Daylio app is a basic but effective mood-tracking app that allows you to set times in a day where it will pop up on your screen and ask you how you're feeling. It also allows you to choose what activity you are currently doing and can give you charts based on that activity.

I have been using it for a few months now. It's really useful sharing the data with my counselor and GP, as it helps track how you are and if changes in medication, family or friends are affecting your overall mood.

It's a great tool and I cannot recommend it enough for people who are in a similar boat to me. The only downside is it's Android only.

I hope you enjoyed my review, and I apologise now for any mistakes. Just a tad tired while typing this :P

Published on 18-Oct-2016

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