Depression and anxiety affecting my relationship

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In April 2016 me and my boyfriend Steven got together. I was his first girlfriend but he wasn't my first boyfriend. I had just ended a relationship with my ex; he was a complete idiot and I was glad I had met Steven. When I first started seeing Steven my life was all over the place. I was depressed and I would never go out with friends because I didn't like going out. Fast forward a few months, Steven and I had slept together and things just got worse from there. I felt like shit all the time but Steven was always supportive and was there for me whenever I was down. It wasn't until November that I decided to get help for my depression and anxiety. One day I got back from college after a completely shit day and I just felt really crap about myself, so I decided to start self harming again. I did it then instantly regretted it. I told Steven all about it and he told me not to do it again. A week later I did the same thing, like an idiot. Again, I told Steven but he wasn't as supportive this time. He said if I ever did it again he'd leave so we had a row. He said he didn't want to see me hurting myself because it was hurting him, and he loved me too much to let it take over me and lead to something much worse. Fast forward a few weeks, I booked an appointment at the doctors and Steven came with me and supported me every step of the way. Fast forward to January 2017, I'm starting a course on how to deal with my depression and anxiety. It's now March, I've just finished my 8-week course and I feel absolutely amazing. It's scary to think I could have lost Steven if I hadn't taken his advice to seek help about my depression and anxiety. Steven and I are still together and are moving in together at the end of next month.

Published on 04-Mar-2017

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