Don't be fooled dudes!

I'm a thirteen year old lesbian with anorexia, bipolar and depression. This is what happened to my first true love.

I dated a girl (let's call her Lucy) for a month. She was my first girlfriend. A beautiful brunette. We've both had anorexia and depression amongst other things. To cut a very long story short I was insanely in love and she was the first girl I kissed. However, she ended it after a month because I was "pushing my problems onto her." I felt guilty and unwanted. Then I became best friends with her ex-boyfriend (Lucy is bisexual, by the way), who told me they had started seeing each other a week before we split up - even though Lucy told me she was no longer interested in guys!

The whole experience has left me feeling that even if you think you're in love, maybe it's not worth the risk of getting hurt. It's knocked my self-confidence, and for weeks left me feeling like I was dumb and unwanted. So all I'm saying is - WATCH OUT!

Published on 12-Jul-2016

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