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Me coming out as bi to my family!!
I'm sorry if it's not the most interesting of story's but its mine and its what I did.

Hi, I'm a 16 and I'm bi. For bisexuals it is really difficult for us to know that we are different in some way; we still like the opposite sex so we must be straight, right?
My whole life my family have told me over and over that no matter who I like and what I want to do in life they will always love me, which is an amazing feeling. And when it came to coming out I knew they wouldn't care but of course I was still terrified!
It was fireworks night and because all my friends already knew about me they were confused why I hadn't told my parents yet so after hanging out with them my mum came and picked me up. I got in the car and we chatted for a while with me constantly trying to convince my self to tell her. Finally getting the courage I say "f*** it, mum I, bi".
She wasn't shocked and asked me a few question like if I had ever had a GF and I told I had. I said to her that if she wanted to tell my dad she could so the next morning my dad pulls me off to one side and hugs me tight. He looks at me and says "I'm so proud of you, you finally confirmed what we already knew".
I love my parents and I'm grateful everyday that they accepted me even if they do make a million and one jokes about it.
Once it was all out in the open I felt free, I felt like I was finally able to express my self and be who I am.
There are still people in my life finding out, but the hard part is over now and I can just carry on like normal.

Published on 24-Feb-2017

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