How can I tell my partner that I’m bisexual?

It's not an easy conversation to have, but you can't avoid it forever! Here are some tips that might help, if you're not sure where to start.

Having this discussion with your partner is essential but can lead to various conclusions. It won’t be a piece of cake for either of you. It can make or break your relationship, and the subject should be approached with utmost patience and maturity. When you think you're sure about your sexuality and ready to talk about it, it's important to have a healthy discussion with your partner and reach a mutual decision about your relationship.

Why should you have this discussion?

You should always be completely honest in a relationship. If you're hiding your sexuality from your partner, you're not only being dishonest with them but also with yourself. Try to analyse the situation by walking in their shoes. If you're sure you're bisexual, then you should convey the news in a very pragmatic manner to your partner. If they really understand you, they will handle things maturely.

Have “the talk”

You might need to encourage yourself a little before having the talk. Start by making sure your partner knows the true meaning of bisexuality, and how you identify yourself. You can also talk to them about your sexual preferences. Try to help them understand the situation.

What do you want?

After informing your partner about your sexual identity, try to reassure them about what you want. Tell them clearly about the plans you have for your life and how you would like them to be a part of it. Telling them about your future goals can be really useful in helping them understand your plans and thoughts. Don't leave them in any doubt about your feelings for them.

Hear their opinion

Once you've said everything you have to say, ask for their opinion. Listen to them and be patient. Chances are the news could be a little overwhelming to them, and they may not feel able to make any decisions straight away. Give them time and space to process the news. Whatever their reaction, stay calm, don't pick a fight and try to accept whatever they decide.

Reach a conclusion

When you've both expressed your opinions, you'll want to reach some conclusion. You might agree on what to do straight away, without any argument. You should try to have a healthy discussion, be prepared to make compromises and reach a mutual decision. There's always the possibility you will decide to go your separate ways, but you can't dodge the bullet your whole life. You need to have this discussion with your partner sooner or later. Be honest and make every moment count, and you won’t have any regrets!

Published on 12-Jul-2016

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