I don't know

I'm 14 years old but please don't hate on me and say I can't fall in love because I can.

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Paranoid about a lot. In love. 14 years of age. Confused.

There's this boy at school I've known him for over a year. We've been out twice but it's never worked. We were best friends but I fell in love with him. I never got over him. I still love him. He told me not to tell him if I fall in love with him because he doesn't want to hurt me so he obviously doesn't like me back. I don't know what to do because I definitely can't live without him. He means everything to me. I'm in love with him. He just doesn't feel the same ?. I thought maybe because I'm not pretty nor am I the skinniest but I do have a heart and I do have feelings and I feel something for him.

Published on 22-Apr-2016

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