I wish we checked the cupboard!

Always put together a list of things to do before you move in - that way you won't end up forgetting important things.

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The first time I moved out, I was quite lucky to live with my best friend. We had been flat hunting for about a month and finally found the place we thought was perfect.

I mean, it was pretty grim and very student like, but it was in Zone 2 and on top of a 24/7 MacDonald’s!!

We looked around the flat and where so excited we said we’d take it straight away without negotiating.

Tip 1 – you can always negotiate rent and it’s best to do that right at the start!

We collect the keys and the estate agent showed our parents around whilst we unpacked. My mum opened a cupboard and all I could hear was her and my friends mum screaming. They were trying to kill something in the cupboard with a newspaper….it turned out to be cockroaches!

Tip 2 – ALWAYS check the cupboards and small dusty places before you move in. You never know what’s hiding in there.

The estate agent apologised and had people in the next day to look at it. We also negotiated our rent for the hassle and managed to get money off.

Our parents also asked us why there were no sofas when the flat came furnished? We were so desperate to get the flat – knowing tons of people were interested – we didn’t even complain about the furnished flat only being half furnished.

Tip 3 – If it says the flat is fully furnished, make sure you have everything and if not ask! We ended up getting two brand new sofas put in by the landlord.

It was quite a chaotic first move, but with a little extra help we managed to get everything sorted. When moving out they did a much more rigorous check of the flat than they had when we moved in, which caused a little trouble.

Tip 4 – Always point out anything broken or damage on the day you move in – put it in writing. If you don’t you may be charged for this when you move out!

Good luck for your first move!

Published on 18-Mar-2016

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