I'm happiest when I am home, here in whitstable!


I'm happy at home with my family and friends, doing what I love, (dancing) - here in Kent (mostly Whitstable as its me home town)!

person trampolining

My sweet town

Here in Whitstable,
The weather is often miserable.
There's so much to do,
So much to see,
So much to keep the kids playing happily.

The ocean is calm,
The harbour is fishy,
The gulls are loud,
The seaside is pretty.
Nattering mum drinking her coffee
Whilst Dads over there munching on toffee.

Go to the bowling alley,
With aunt Sally.
Go swimming with mates,
But be sure to leave on time before they shut the gates.

Buses, buses, buses galore
People painting pretty pictures all over the floor.
Café's only shut on Christmas morn,
But not even Tesco is shut by dawn.

The castle stood tall,
So pretty and bleak.
The balcony of the pub, one step then creek.
Laughter not tears, Is all anybody hears.
Here in whitstable.

Written by,

Greggory P
Aged 16

Published on 26-Feb-2016

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