loving on the edge


A playlist to remind me of the things that matter. Of love and punk rock and humanity.

I started making this playlist because there are some songs that make me remember how free we really are. They remind me that I can do anything. People are good, the world can be moulded into something loving, there are reasons to carry on.

As someone who struggles a hell of a lot with mental health, sometimes all I need is something to remind me that I have time, I have freedom, I have love, and I can do anything. Sometimes it isn't helpful to have songs that say 'everything will be okay, everything is great'. Usually I just need the voice of someone who understands to tell me that it's okay to feel like the world is ending, but that it's not. It's not.

The song that summarises this playlist for me is 'ten things' by Paul Baribeau. "Name ten things you wanna do before you die and then go do them."

Published on 06-Mar-2016

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