Mind over Matter.

Me and my BF have been together for just over a year and it's been quite a rocky relationship if I'm honest.

I know it sounds bad but I started with him just after getting out of a bad relationship with another boy who made me feel awful. He didn't physically hurt me or abuse me in anyway, he just made me feel unwanted and unloved. But anyway, I started with this new guy and everything was great at first, he completely understood what he was getting into (mental health wise) but after a while I noticed that his mental health also suddenly declined. He's persistent in the fact that he's been like this all along and has just kept it bottled up but I can't help but feel like I'm bringing him down. I love him so much and I know he loves me back which is amazing, I just wish both our mental health would stop getting in the way. I know I can be happy and that he can be too but we just haven't figured it out just yet.

Published on 18-Feb-2017

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