Moving out

Moving out in university halls, the positives and the negatives told from my personal experience.

So when I moved out, it was into shared accommodation at university. First thoughts when I moved my stuff into my room. 'Okay... They weren't joking when they said you'd get a shower in your room.' I expected it to be in a little room cornered off or an ensuite or something, but no. Bit weird it being right there in the open, but having your own shower turned out to be a god send.

Sadly we had to share the toilets, these were like school toilet cubicles and there were 4 to share amongst 18 people. Yes, 18 people, 13 girls and 5 boys. Might sound like a nightmare to some people but aside a few annoyances I honestly had the best time living there!

Not only were your best friends just down the hall from you, but you could go out when you wanted, cook what you wanted, literally do whatever the hell you wanted to do. I can't put a number on the amount of crazy nights out I had or random water fights, playing detective when all our sweets got knicked from the cupboards, not to mention the milk! Oh I'll just have a little bit and no one will notice thought EVERYONE on our floor! Movie nights, drunken chats in the kitchen, murder in the dark (that was great fun apart from the fact the lights on our floor were movement sensitive...).

Obviously it only makes sense that with 18 people living on the floor we all split up into different friendship groups, for sure my friendship group was the loud, annoying one but we were definitely the ones that had the most fun! Of course, I had the friend that drank too much, the friend that cried over a boy and the friend that always got lost but somehow every time made it home unharmed. It was always laughed about the next morning, slumped on each other's beds dying from our hangovers.

Besides our drunken adventures, attempts at cooking and lugging our sack full of dirty clothes to the communal washers we did actually attend the odd lecture and somehow managed to fit in writing assignments, mostly at the cost of an all nighter. Aside from having to sit at a desk trying to assemble some ramble into an essay, there were other downfalls to living with 17 other people who aren't your family. The kitchen was always a state, and don't get me started on people using your utensils and not washing them up! I came back after the Christmas holidays to find someone had used my saucepan and I'm pretty sure there were bugs festering amongst the cooked rice someone had left in it for over two weeks. The toilets were even worse! There was the midnight pooer who clearly did not know how to use a flush! We never actually discovered the culprit despite our attempts to catch them in the act.

So overall moving out was a bundle of laughs and unforgettable memories. Looking back on it now, although there were bad parts to living with 17 people, who didn't always wash... I wouldn't change anything, I had the best year.

Published on 23-Mar-2016

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