My BF and our mental health

My boyfriend and I both have depression, but together we are pulling through

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When we first started talking, everything seemed fine. Then he started to show his low moods and he told me about his depression, and I shared about how I get low moods too. A few weeks went by where I'd have my low days, and he'd have his. Then he started to say how he can just about deal with his depression, and that he doesn't know whether he could also deal with my low moods. Hearing this broke me. I didn't want to believe it. I thought he was going to break off what we had...

He didn't. We still get our ups and downs but we try and help each other through it. Sometimes we need our own space, and we both understand this. It may take some time to getting used to but I know we can pull through together.

Published on 14-Feb-2017

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