My boyfriend stops me from giving up on myself

How suffering withdrawal symptoms from an antidepressant changed my brain chemistry, and all of my feelings changed overnight

A couple of months ago, my psychiatrist made the decision to change my old meds to something new. We didn't realise that I had become dependent on my old ones, so when the weaning had stopped, the lovely, head over heels relationship I had with my boyfriend changed pretty much overnight

I have no capacity to access my emotions at the moment, back on the old meds things seem to be picking up little by little and I've questioned my love for my boyfriend so much - even tried to break up with him. But one thing keeps me from doing so. Him. He comforts me when I need it, he tries to sta strong when I can't, and even though I can't access my feelings of love I have for him, I know they are still there despite everything. No one can go from loving someone so intensely overnight to not loving them at all, and through all of the anxiety, depression and frustration at not being able to express these emotions, I know it will be okay because I have him. And I love him even though I can't show it right now

Published on 02-Sep-2017

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