My coming out

My coming out story probably isn't inspirational but it was nice

My coming out story, hahaha it was certainly interesting though I am still questioning my sexuality, I have a girlfriend (we have been going out for a year and a month now) but my family didn't know this, only my close friends, really the girlfriend secret came out in November (which is my girlfriend's birthday), so I decided to video chat her and wish her a happy birthday on my laptop (as it's a long distance relationship :( ) so I was in my room wishing her a happy birthday and talking to her, until my mum burst into my room she saw the screen then back at my and she asked "who's that?" I stopped and took a deep breath in and began to explain and tell her about my girlfriend, she just simply smiles at me and said "Libby if she is the one that makes you happy then I won't stand in your way" so heh now she know about my girlfriendand she supports it, she's even planning on taking me up to see her in May so I guess the one advice i can give is.......DON'T LET YOUR COMING OUT BE UNPREDICTABLE LIKE MINE

Thank you! XXX

Published on 23-Feb-2017

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My LGBT Story

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