She Doesn't Love Me

It's never too late to tell her ...

I have known this girl for over four years. She's friendly, she's funny, she's happy, she's gorgeous but she doesn't even acknowledge that I exist. I've said hi to her in the hall when we were locker neighbors for two years yet nothing. No spark or courage. I've had such a strong attraction to her also! My knees wobble and I breath erratic when I see her. Just speaking her name makes me blush "Lauren". So now we part our separate ways, me the one who's been infatuated with her for four years! But I've never had the guts to do anything, and to add insult to injury the past two years she's had no boyfriend. I just feel complete with this girl but our school time is coming to an end. Also it's important to add that she's more popular than I am.

Published on 30-Apr-2016

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