Silent Secret

Silent Secrets can anonymously share their 'secrets' to keep the app safe and bullying free.

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Louise Jones

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Silent Secret is an app for 11 to 19 year olds who can share 'secrets' (up to 200 characters). It's all anonymous and there is no option for secrets to be commented on, with the idea of keeping the app safe and bullying-free. However, other users can 'react' to secrets, much like with Facebook, to ensure users feel loved and not alone.

Every young person has some thoughts and secrets that they find hard sharing, so Silent Secret is a great space to encourage this. Writing down worrying thoughts is a well-known technique to relieve stress and feel more in control, and each secret has a 'get support' button underneath that links to an array of organisations who can offer help and support.

Try it out and #FreeYourSecret!

Published on 05-Aug-2016

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