Sometimes it's Risky

Hello I'm Daniel and I'm 16. This is my coming out story.

I was in year 8 (age : 12) and I liked my best friend who was str8. He didn't know I liked him. One day I told my brother that I liked this guy and he was okay with it. Later that day when my dad was gone he told my mum, it wasn't happy about him telling her because he has no right telling, it should have been me. Anyway, my mum wasn't angry or upset, she seemed happier actually. I think it's cause she knows we gay men have a sense of fashion and she couldn't wait to go shopping with me ??. So Yh she was okay with it. A day or two passed and my mum told my dad, however, his reaction was quite opposite to my mums, he wasn't to happy about it and called me a freak, I cried... but we are all happy and I'm openly gay wherever I go, college, work...

Published on 24-Feb-2017

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