Well that's awkward

Being told someone won't date you cause they are gay and you haven't came out

About 2 years ago I got really into this guy who my ex had cheated on me with he was also my best friend... I know I broke the friend code but I didn't care. After a while of being close and 2 way flirting he came out to me as gay and I told him that I liked him and he told me he could be with me ad a female because of bad past experiences he wasn't attracted to females now. I really struggled with this idea because I had been questioning my gender for some time now and I already knew I was male I just didn't know how to come out. Due to awkwardness and arguments about things we quickly fell out and a month later I came out. At first he didn't believe me he thought it was so that I coukd be with him but I was in a happy relationship when I came out. We are now friends again and we are both in seporate relationships and we are both happier as friends and I wouldn't have it any other way now.

Also my pronouns are he him

Published on 24-Feb-2017

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