Are breast enhancement pills dangerous?

I love my breasts but I would like them to be a cup size bigger. I'm 19 and I've given them the chance to grow some more by themselves but it hasn't happened. I've been reading about pills that claim to increase breast size, but there are loads of different brands and opinions about whether or not they work. Some studies I've read even claim they might be dangerous. I'd like some advice about how effective they are, and if there are any health risks when taking them.

Women develop at different ages, and as you are still in your teens, your breasts could still be developing. There are different options available if you feel unhappy with the size of your breasts but remember it’s common for people to be unhappy about some aspect of their body.

The breast enlargement pills you’re talking about probably claim to use either herbal medicine or hormones to make your boobs bigger. These drugs may not have been tested and if you’re buying them over the internet without a prescription then you don’t know what you’re getting. The manufacturers often make exaggerated claims, charging high prices for products which may not work. Though there are many forums discussing breast enhancement, we’d suggest you avoid taking any advice about health from an internet forum and go to your doctor instead.

Certain hormones in the contraceptive pill may stimulate breast growth in some people, but this doesn’t affect everybody. Your doctor (GP) could discuss this in further detail with if you wanted to try this route. They will also be able to discuss having breast enhancement surgery.

It’s worth remembering that getting a bra that fits properly can make a big difference to your posture, shape and confidence – you can do this by going to any department store.

It might be worth thinking about your self-image and sense of self-worth, and why you would like your breasts to be bigger. You may find it helpful to talk to friends or relatives about this. Almost all of us have at least one part of our body we’re not happy with and it’s easy to forget that whatever it is might be much more noticeable to ourselves than it is to others. You might find talking to people you trust about your feelings helps you feel better.


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