Meet Owen Wood: Winner Of BBC’s Race Across The World and The Mix’s Brand New Ambassador!

Owen Wood, winner of BBC's Race Across The World, joins The Mix as our brand new ambassador. We sat down to chat with him and find out why The Mix holds a special place in his heart...

Owen Wood stands outside a temple in Thailand

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Owen and I was a contestant on season 4 of Race Across the World which me and my travel partner won. I was born in Watford but have grown up in St Albans. I am also part Welsh.

What were some of the best parts of being at school?

Best parts of being at school were definitely being around my mates everyday. PE was my favourite subject at school so being able to do that was enjoyable.

What were some of the worst parts?

The worst parts of school were the amount of pressure that is put onto you from a young age. There’s too many deadlines and pressures and stresses that students have to face everyday from a young age.

Can you tell us a little bit about some of the anxiety you faced in school?

The main anxiety I faced in school was from year 7 to year 9. I stressed about every little thing from doing not doing well enough in exams to being a few minutes to class.

Who did you turn to for support?

I definitely turned to my friends and parents for support which definitely helped.

How do you describe anxiety?  How does it make you feel or manifest itself in you?

Anxiety is very tricky to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced it at an extreme level. It feels like a snowball that starts off as something small and insignificant and manifests itself into a much larger and overwhelming emotion.

Do you remember the first time you felt anxiety?

The first time I remember experiencing high levels of anxiety were my first few days of secondary school. As soon as I started there there were so many overwhelming emotions that took over my mental well being.

Any tips for managing anxiety?

Best tip for managing anxiety is to look after yourself. It’s easy to beat yourself up for over worrying about things but taking time to look after yourself and removing yourself from situations that cause the anxiety is important.

What advice would you give to other young males facing anxiety or mental health issues?

For any males facing mental heath issues it’s very important to talk to someone about it. Letting the emotion build up inside you is often what can cause it to get worse.

Where’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to?

My favourite place I’ve ever travelled to is definitely Japan. I’d love to go back there and explore more of it.

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Updated on 03-Jul-2024

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