Can you have sex in water? Is it dangerous?

Is it safe to have sex in the sea or a swimming pool, and is it possible to use a condom in water?

Sure, many people have fantasies about having sex by the ocean, or in a pool or hot tub, but can you have sex in water? Well, yes and no, it can be done, but it’s not always the safest way to do it. Underwater sex comes with a few risks that you should be aware of, especially as far as condoms are concerned. Is it dangerous to have sex in water? Read on.

Sex by the ocean & sex in the sea

*Que Joe Jonas* Sex by the ocean. Hotdamnnnn.

Having sex in beach water can introduce water laden with bacteria into the vagina and this could put you at risk of urinary tract infections, a yeast infection and more. It’s more difficult for bacteria to get inside the penis, but it’s certainly not impossible. And of course, the ocean is also home to a number of curious animals, some of which can sting or bite. Try explaining that to your mum when you get home. 

So, can you have sex in the water? Technically yes. Is it safe to have sex in the sea? Our answer is probably not. In addition to everything we’ve already mentioned, if you’re using a condom with spermicidal gel the sea water can wash the spermicide out. Plus there’s the possible repercussions of having sex in a public place

Is it dangerous to have sex in water (swimming pool)?

Although sex in a (secluded, private) pool is totally your choice, if you use a condom the spermicide may not be as effective. You also need to take care that a condom doesn’t come off or get micro tears underwater as this could lead to a sexually transmitted infection. It’s also worth remembering that products containing oil can rot latex condoms, so be careful about what’s in the water. 

So the answer to ‘Is it dangerous to have sex in water?’ largely depends on personal preference and what your definition of danger is. But, if you’re asking our opinion, we’d leave the sex for dry land, far away from bodies of water

Confidential advice and support about sex

If you’re thinking of having sex and would like confidential advice about different methods of contraception, you can go along to your local Brook Centre (under 25s), family planning clinic or some local doctors (GPs) where contraception will be free. You can also buy condoms from chemists and other retail outlets.

Answered by Brook on 09-Jul-2013

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