Don’t stress it. Beat it.

Being stressed out sucks because stress turns your brain to goo, stopping you making decisions and piling up until it feels like your head’s going to explode (*pop*).

But what if you could turn your screen into a stress-relief tool? Simply hatch a Stresshead below and relax as you chase your very own pet peeve around until you catch it and smash it. And while you’re doing that, you can get great advice – helping you deal with all kinds of life stress, from exam pressure to money problems.

Rough-up your Stressheads on the move – download it for iOS and Android now.

Download Stressheads from App Store   Download Stressheads from Google Play

(Use headphones, full screen and turn your phone to landscape to best experience Stressheads.)


Stressheads was co-created by a group of young volunteers,  The Mix and Neon Tribe. Our thanks to Capital One for supporting the creation of this app.