The Mix’s Equity, Diversity, Belonging & Inclusion (EDIB) statement 

For The Mix to be a source of support and empowerment to young people, a commitment to diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion (EDIB) is essential. It is with these pillars at the heart of our work that we can truly represent all young people, and so these practices need to be central to our strategy and our culture.  

What do we mean by EDIB?

Equity: Committing to an equity process means making sure everyone is given a fair and equal chance; not by treating everyone the same, but by adapting to people’s needs in a way that suits them and is respectful of them as an individuals.  

Diversity: Authentic diversity in practice means respecting, learning from and celebrating our differences, as well as embracing the change that results from this. 

Inclusion: Creating a sense of inclusion means fostering an actively welcoming and accepting culture for young people, staff and volunteers. 

Belonging: We added the word ‘belonging’ after reflecting on the usual language applied to EDI practices and concluding that it didn’t go far enough. We want to create a sense of belonging at The Mix, to allow each person to bring their whole self to the space, and to feel safe doing so. 

Why are we doing EDIB work? 

EDIB work is deeply connected to our values as a charity and our responsibility to affect positive change. This will always be a work in progress for The Mix, because we know that to do this successfully, we must constantly be open to learning, changing and reviewing our approach. We know we are not currently doing enough, and that it is our responsibility to change this. We pledge to be honest about our shortcomings and failures, as we strive to do more to face and address them. 

We acknowledge the systemic nature of privilege and disadvantage that operates within the UK – a system which has oppressed, marginalised and underserved many communities. The Mix unequivocally acknowledges the lived experience of those communities and stands allied in its commitments to be an anti-racist, anti-oppressive organisation. We will seek out and consult with the young people and sector partners who can help us to achieve this. 

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