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If you have a cause you’re passionate about and want to learn how to make a difference, our activism and campaigning hub is the place to start. You’ll find tips on everything from starting your own campaign, to safety tips for protesting and how to contact your MP.

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Interested in politics? We know it’s easy to be disillusioned with the whole thing, so we’ve put together five reasons why you should care about politics. Our democracy and politics section has tons more articles if you want to learn more, covering subjects like how to vote in the general election, how to work out who to vote for and how joining a political party works.

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If you’re eager to get out and see the world, our travelling hub is for you. Don’t worry if you’re not sure you can afford it, read our advice for travelling on a budget to learn some great money-saving tips like our advice for train journeys on night trains. Interrailing in Europe is a good option for those who want to get away without the hassle of flying. And if it all goes terribly wrong, you can read up on how the British consulate can help. Hopefully it won’t come to that!

If you’re more interested in travelling closer to home, you might like our guide to the driving theory test to prepare you for learning the highway code and taking your hazard perception test.

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If you fancy a big weekend or a night out, be sure to have a look around our festivals and going out hubs. Here you’ll find everything from tips for cheap nights out to how to deal with pooping in festival toilets.

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Marching for the right to protest

What is Kill The Bill and why are young people marching for it? Protesters are angry that the Bill would allow police to impose “conditions” — widely seen to mean restrictions or outright bans — on protests if their actions cause “serious annoyance” to the surrounding community, organisations and businesses. It could mean the police placing start and finish times on protests or shutting down protests if they restrict access in and out of Parliament.

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Do I need ID to vote in the UK?

Yes, you now need photo ID to vote in the UK since the conservative government changed the rules about voting in 2023.

What type of ID do I need to vote in the UK?

In order to vote you’ll need photographic ID. A driving licence, a passport or a PASS card should all be accepted. The rules say the ID can be expired as long as the photo still looks like you.

How do I vote if I don't have photo ID?

If you don’t have any of the accepted forms of ID, you can also apply for a free ‘Voter authority certificate’ via the government’s website. You’ll need a recent passport style photo and your National Insurance number.

Apply for a voter authority certificate.

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