Cheap nights out

You want your life to be one long party, but what happens if you're skint? The Mix finds you some cheap ways to go out and have fun.

Get on the guest list

Ring up your favourite club in plenty of time for the night out and ask for a group of you to be put on the guest list. It could be for a ‘hen night’, ‘birthday’ or maybe you’re all from a ‘new club review site’. Whatever reasoning you come up with, sell it, and sell it well. Free entry is in the balance!

Claim it’s your birthday

Birthdays bring out the best in restaurant and club managers. Be 18 or 21 and take advantage of their generosity by blagging free dessert, champagne, or VIP entry. Get a mate to call up and sort out the birthday ‘surprise’ beforehand then go along and enjoy. With enough clubs and mates, you could use this one every week!

Sweet talking

Get the gift of the gab and blag your way into top clubs, parties and openings like a true star.

Don’t drink

It doesn’t have to be a ‘big night’ every night (or ever for that matter), and wouldn’t it be great to remember it for once? If nothing else you’ll have blackmail material for years to come, the beer fairy won’t have stolen all your money, and there’ll be no hangover. Hurrah.

2 for 1 cinema tickets

When it comes to cheap nights out for couples, this is a sure fire hit. Odeon, for example, offers 2 for 1 tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Meerkat Movies here and here if your viewing partner happens to have used recently. Sneak your own sweets in and you certainly won’t be breaking the bank!

Happy hours and Ladies’ nights

Pubs and bars often have happy hours from work kick out time until 7pm or 8pm. Remember to eat first and then go and take advantage of the offers. You could just stay for a couple, but an even better way to take advantage is to order all your drinks for the night at cheapo time: good for wine and pitchers of cocktails, but not for beer.

Then you could head to the club early doors, when the entry fee is free or very cheap. Just take it easy if you want to last the night!

Drink before you go out

Start the night at home with your mates. Gather at your chosen house, have a few cheap drinks, listen to some upbeat music, and fight for mirror space in the downstairs loo.

Don’t buy rounds

If you’re skint don’t offer to buy rounds or let others buy you drinks all night before hiding in the loo when it’s your turn. If mates know you’re poor and want to buy you beer fine, but know your pint etiquette.

Get your mate to throw a party

Convince a mate that it’s high time they had a party so everyone can practice their dance moves. Help set everything up and tidy it away, and let people bring their own booze. And maybe some for you. Sorted.

Cheap nights out uk

That about wraps up our ideas for cheap nights out and cheap nights out for couples. Get in touch to let us know about your own top tips!

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By Holly Turner

Updated on 30-Jul-2021