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Welcome to Skill Up – the place to develop the know-how to help you move forward in your life. Whether you want to improve your employability or learn new ways to deal with the challenges you're facing in your life, we're here to help. Take a look at the available courses below and choose which ones you would like to sign up for. Is there a course you're looking for which isn’t listed? Contact us to give us your ideas on new courses we should develop.

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Money Works

A group of young people sit around a bench studying
Badge awarded for money works course completion

This course will give you a strong foundation to build your confidence in managing your money. It will help you feel more in control of your finances and learn of what different types of support are available if you are struggling with money. You’ll also learn how to cut through some of the confusing language that is used with banking and also the skills to protect yourself from financial harm.

This course has been created in partnership with MyBnk – a charity that helps you build the financial skills and knowledge you need to take charge of your future.

Length: 8 x 10 minute modules

Skills gained: Budgeting, financial knowledge, independent living, digital finance skills & debt prioritisation.

Consent: Be better at sex

Consent is an integral part of good, healthy, and safe sex. But beyond the basics of a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, there are many shades of grey which can be confusing to grasp. The best sex happens with the best communication, and the best communication leads to giving and understanding consent more effectively.  This course will help you navigate consent confidently and have better sex as a result. It focuses on all things consent: what it is, how you get it, what happens when you don’t get consent and how to help survivors of sexual violence.

Length: 1 hour

Skills gained: Communication, Consent, Active Listening, Peer-Support

Problem-solving course

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Problem Solving badge

This course is designed to help you feel more confident solving problems in a workplace setting. We’ll focus on a number of creative techniques that can help crack problems you may come across at work. While we were creating the course we spoke to employers who said this was one of the skills they wanted to see evidence of when hiring.

Length: 1hr

Skills gained: Problem-solving, Lateral thinking, Communication

Conflict Resolution (Your Relationships) course

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Conflict Resolutions badge

Fed up with arguments that seem endless? Want to work out new ways of taking steps forward for yourself or those close to you? If so then our conflict resolution course is perfect for you! We teamed up with the conflict resolution experts Leap to create this course. You’ll gain an understanding of why arguments happen, the best ways to resolve them and how you can help others with this too.

Length: 1hr 30mins

Skills gained: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Supporting others, Listening.

Brand you course

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Have you ever volunteered before or maybe you’re thinking about it right now? Volunteering can come in many different shapes and sizes but the skills you develop while volunteering are incredibly valuable. This course will help you to identify, showcase and shout about these skills to future employers.

Length: 45mins

Skills gained: Communication, Presentation

Anxiety & Depression course

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It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will face a mental health condition in the UK. This course will help improve your awareness of the more common mental health conditions, anxiety and depression. It aims to provide an overview of expert information, lived experience and ideas of where to get support.

Length: 2hrs 30mins

Skills gained: Mental health awareness, Listening, Supporting others

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