Our Apps

Our apps are designed to complement the information and support services for under 25s that we run on The Mix. We work with young people and partner organisations to design apps that make getting support and information when you're on your mobile easy. Keep checking back to see what new products we've added!

Age of Consent - Let’s talk consent

Want to know if you’re legally allowed to have sex with someone?

Our ‘Age of Consent tool’ will guide you through a series of questions designed to help you understand what you can and can’t do with whoever you’re planning on doing it with.

Stressheads iconStressheads - Don't stress it. Beat it.


Stressheads turns your phone into a stress killing machine!  Simply hatch a Stresshead (from a stress egg… obviously), and take the strains of life out on your very own pet peeve. Chuck them around, rough them up – and eventually impale them on a MASSIVE SPIKE (ah…that’s better). And all the while, you can access some great advice – helping you deal with all kinds of life stress, from exam pressure to money problems.

Phew… that really is better.  Download Stressheads today & give stress a good kicking.

stressheads screenshot

MotimatorMotimator - A digital mate to motivate

Motimator is the best way to get the career you want, by giving you the kick-up-the-arse you need to make it happen.

Every day Motimator offers you a mixture of expert tips and motivational advice to help your search for a better career. Whether you’re looking for your first ever job, want to get promoted, or crave a new role entirely, Motimator will help you make it happen.

Your mate makes career goals more manageable by breaking them down, and offers you daily encouragement and advice to keep the job-seeking blues at bay.

Just pick a goal, give it a deadline and your very own mate will guide your there – building your confidence and helping stop all that procrastination along the way.

Find out more about Motimator.

Motimator app screens

StepFinder app iconStepFinder - Local help, easily found

Got a problem, need local help? StepFinder pin-points your nearest local support service and shows you how to get there using your phone. It shows you tips and recommendations from other young people so you know what to expect when you use a service for the first time.

StepFinder is a totally free and confidential.
So take control, and navigate to the right support.

Find out more about the StepFinder app here.

Step Finder app

Wishfund iconWishfund - Keeping track of what you’re saving for

The aim of the Wishfund app is to inspire you to take control of your finances by saving towards a particular goal, such as a new phone or a holiday with friends. Once a goal is set up, you can assign a motivating image to it and update its details at any time.

The app allows you to enter a target date by which they wish to achieve the goal and the total amount of money needed. The app then calculates how much money you’ll need to budget each week to meet your target date.

This app was co-created by a group of young volunteers and built by Money Advice Service in collaboration with with YoungScot, YouthNet and Storm ID.

Wishfund app