Community Guidelines

Welcome to The Mix’s Online Community. Whether you’re looking for support or just somewhere to hang out and talk to others, our online community is a safe and welcoming place.

We have a few community guidelines that we ask everyone to follow while using the Discussion Boards, Support Groups and Social Media channels. These guidelines help us keep the community a safe and supportive place.

These are the four basic principles of our community guidelines, written by our community:

  • Togetherness – I know this is a group environment and I’ll be kind and compassionate to other people.
  • Safety – To keep other community members safe, I’ll use crisis services if I’m in crisis. I’ll be mindful not to use triggering language.
  • Confidentiality – What’s shared in chat stays in chat, and I won’t repeat what I hear. I have read and understand The Mix’s confidentiality policy.
  • Diversity – I understand everyone has different views and experiences, and I’ll be accepting of this.

If you’re here for the first time, make sure you check out the full guidelines below. Breaking the guidelines may result in an enforced break from using our services.