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How to get help with housing costs

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing housing crisis, housing-related issues are often pretty stressful for young people. If your income is limited or you’re unemployed, this can make it difficult to afford rent, household bills, and other expenses. Some support is available in the form of Universal Credit (UC), but often people find this simply isn’t enough.

New laws for renting & estate agent fees

In popular areas and university towns there is often intense competition for rental properties, which can make finding student housing really difficult. Landlords can often be tricky to deal with, so check out our guide on how to deal with common landlord problems. And remember, thanks to the Tenant Fees Act (2019) UK estate agent fees for tenants are now illegal.

Guarantors and tenants’ rights

Some young people may face discrimination from landlords based on their age, particularly if they lack a co-signer or rent guarantor, and you could be left struggling if you don’t have a parent or guardian to bankroll your deposit. Your average landlord is unlikely to be the most proactive when it comes to repairs and maintenance, and many young people find themselves living in substandard accommodation as a result. Remember that you do have rights, you can fight back, and you can always pick up the phone to The Mix for advice on what to do.

Cost of buying a house

When it comes to actually buying somewhere to live,  it can feel like an impossible dream to buy your own place. But if you get your head around the hidden costs of buying a house, you can start to make a plan for how to get there. 

The Mix is here to help

We might not be able to solve all your housing-related problems, but we can certainly help you find all the information you need to put you firmly in the driving seat of your living situation. Have a read of our articles and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to talk anything over.

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