Help understanding household bills

Whether you’re just moving into your own place for the first time, or are sharing with others, we’ve got you covered for all the essentials. Check out our household bills articles to get up to speed with gas bills and boilers, council tax, water bills and more. We know they’re a pain to deal with, but they’ll all need to be paid if you want to avoid bailiffs turning up at your door.

Understanding your electricity bill

Figuring out how to set up electricity in a new home is one of the most commonly asked questions we get. So check out the article linked to below to learn about different types of meters, how to take a reading, how to find your electricity supplier and more.

Get answers to your questions about bills

We’re also here to help you get answers to all the most common questions about household bills, like who sorts the TV licence for a shared house? Do students have to pay water bills? And what cost of living support is available to help with rising costs?

Support if you can’t afford your bills

If you’re really worried about your bills or can’t afford the heating, try not to panic. There’s plenty of help and support available, starting right here at The Mix. We’ve got an article on fuel poverty that outlines some of the support options you could look into. You could also speak to our team via text, phone or email. We’re on hand seven days a week to point you in the right direction for financial and mental health support in these difficult times.

How to save money on energy bills!

Winter’s not over yet! We’re all feeling the effects of the cost-of-living crisis. With the soaring costs of bills, we’re all putting off turning the heating on for as much as we’re able. But don’t panic, we’re here with his tips to save money this winter on your energy bills ❄️

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