Gas bills and boilers

Find out more about how to set up your gas bill, maintaining the boiler and sending meter readings.

checking boiler

Make sure to get your boiler checked

How to choose a gas supplier

This is the company that will send your bills. Use a comparison website to find the best supplier for you. And remember that many gas suppliers will also supply electricity, so there are some good deals out there.

Check your boiler

Legally, your landlord has to provide you with a gas safety certificate before you move in to ensure your boiler is safe to use. Boilers can need a lot of maintenance, so it’s important to have a carbon monoxide alarm in your house, and also remind your landlord to get your boiler professionally checked every year.

Sending the first meter reading

Once you’ve chosen a supplier, contact them and give them your first gas meter reading. Your gas meter should be in the house, or communal area if you live in a flat. You’ll be able to tell the difference between the gas and the electricity meter as a gas meter is measured in cubic feet (ft3). If you live in a flat and you can’t tell which gas meter is yours, either ask your landlord or your supplier. Note down the numbers on the meter box from left to right and call your gas supplier.

Paying gas bills

It’s important to take regular meter readings to give you an idea of how much energy you use and help you budget accordingly. If you don’t, you’ll get an estimated bill, which tends to be more expensive. You can arrange how you want to pay your bills with your supplier, but it’s essential to be prepared for the costly winter months, so make sure you put aside money to cover them.

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Updated on 12-Jan-2016

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