How to get online in my new place

Join us as we walk you through what you need to know to find the right broadband deal and get online in your new place.

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Getting a good broadband deal

Use comparison sites such as Money Supermarket and Compare the Market to find a cheaper deal, but don’t be fooled by dirt-cheap offers. It often means slower speed, which can be really annoying if you continuously stream movies and download games. Always check the broadband speed before you commit.

Why do I need to pay line rental to use the internet?

You may not have a landline phone, but unfortunately you usually have to pay line rental to get broadband. So factor this into the price when looking for deals. The only providers who offer cable broadband (no line rental required) are Virgin Media and WightFibre (the latter is only available in the Isle of Wight).

Do I still need broadband for streaming if I have a mobile phone?

Probably. Mobile data is useful for on-the-go Instagramming, but streaming services and downloads will use up your mobile data almost instantly, therefore it’s best to opt for a broadband deal and save your mobile data for keeping up with Twitter.

A contract, or sim-only contract?

Before you commit to a phone contract, think about what you want.

Mobile phone contracts usually last for 12-24 months and, depending on which phone you choose, could end up costing a LOT every month. Plus you usually have to pay off the remainder of your contract if you cancel before it’s finished.

A sim-only deal is cheaper and more flexible, but you have to pay for the phone separately.

Should I get phone insurance?

This depends on how much your phone is worth and how often you lose it/drop it down the bog.

Your phone network, or the shop you bought it from, should offer insurance, which will make it easier to get a replacement phone.

Where can I get free Wi-Fi on the go?

If you’re out and about and your data’s run out there are always places to find free Wi-Fi: many train and underground stations, cafes, restaurants and pubs offer free Wi-Fi for customers. O2 and BT customers also have the added bonus of free Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK.

There really aren’t many places you can go without finding some sort of free Wi-Fi. We’ve even heard if you stand next to Addison Lee taxis you can use their free Wi-Fi too – but you didn’t hear that from us.

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Updated on 12-Jan-2016

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