Is the Internet "bad"?

The Internet is often cited as a place of danger, risk and crime. But are we ignoring the great benefits we get from it?

These days, the media loves to report on negativity, and this is not different when it comes to the internet. CNN reports that "the Internet is more harmful than helpful". The Independent states that "internet is bad for children's mental health". The Telegraph announce that "The internet can be a dark and dangerous place". It's no wonder that our society sees the internet as a bad thing - we're constantly fed this idea by the media all the time, through social networks, newspapers and TV reports. But are we ignoring the great things the internet has to offer?

For a start, access to social networks allows us to communicate with family and friends around the world, helping us keep in touch with those we care about.

Comparison websites like MoneySupermarket allow us to make informed decisions about buying anything from cars to cheese, and that freedom of information means we can save more of our hard-earned cash!

Internet technologies have also allowed commercial industries to go under revolution. We have online shopping with Amazon, online banking with MetroBank and online accessible information with Google. Such innovation helps to make parts of our life more convenient.

The Internet has become such an integral part of our Western lifestyle, and we can often take it for granted. It's time we recognised that the Internet is a wonderful creation to be appreciated, despite what the media will tell us. Think about the ways that the internet makes your life easier, and you'll find that it is a fundamental part of our lives. This is not to ignore the negative sides of Internet technology by any means, but simply to recognise the positive contribution that it has made to our lives.

Published on 17-Dec-2017

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