Your Voices Guidelines

Your Voices is a platform where young people can share experiences on anything from sex and relationships, to mental health and education. It can be a place to vent, encourage, entertain, inspire or motivate. Young people have a bunch of reasons to share their stories and we want to hear them all! However, if you’re looking for support, then our discussion boards might be more appropriate for you.

It’s best to bear in mind that this is a public forum and while we love you sharing, it’s good to read our guidelines.


If your story is personal and you don’t want your nan, boss or ex seeing it then you can always go anonymous and make up a new and exciting name.

It’s a good idea to make up names for anyone you’re including in your story to respect their privacy.

We’ve all heard about your ‘online footprint’. Well, not yours personally. That’s our point. Your ‘online footprint’ is a real thing and it’s best to stay in control of it. We love hearing your funny, embarrassing, and frank stories but be mindful of what you’re posting being linked to your identity.

Triggering content

This platform is all about sharing your real-life, honest and brave stories that can cover a whole range of sensitive issues. While you may be comfortable sharing about some things, others may find it ‘triggering’.

‘Triggering’ is a complex term. It means different things to different people. As we can’t predict people’s triggers, and the term itself can be quite daunting, we don’t put ‘trigger warnings’ next to sensitive information. We’d rather that you clearly title your story, referencing exactly what it’s about, so other visitors can decide if they’re in a frame of mind to read or view.

For example, please avoid any graphic details and descriptions of self-harm, and perhaps focus on feelings and support instead. We also promote healthy eating here but not obsessive dieting, so please avoid sharing details about your specific weight or calorie counts.

Although we want this platform to be honest and frank, we will edit any content that we deem to be graphic and possibly triggering.


We all love a good swear, but there is a time and a place. If you want to swear in your story then go ahead but be aware that we will edit out any language that we deem unnecessary.

Personal data

If we see anyone uploading their personal details (phone number, email address, home address) we will have to take them down. This is to protect you not only from sharing too much personal data but also from spammers and hacking.

Be nice! 

As well as making up names for anyone else included in your story, we’re big advocates of just, well, being nice! Please don’t use this space to laugh at anyone else or to share their embarrassing moments. It’s not cool. No bullying or shaming, please. Keep it friendly.