House party essentials

So you want to throw a house party? Hosting epic house parties takes a bit of preparation and thought. Are you the type for party games and civilised finger foods? Do you prefer a themed party or a cocktail party? Whatever you’ve got in mind, our house party checklist is probably the best place to start. And if you’re concerned about the cost, have a read of this: going out on the cheap.

How to throw a good house party

What makes a house party a good house party? Well, partly whether or not your house is still standing afterwards. Read our article on how to clean up after a house party to make sure that your party is one you remember for all the right reasons. It’s not all about getting absolutely smashed, but if you fancy a few drinks you might want to check these five classic drinking games.

If it’s a new year party you’re planning, read our guide to alternative new year celebrations. And if you’re a bit nervous about making good chat, we’ve got a few tips for meeting new people. Put together a guest list with a good mix of people and get some nice music and lighting so that when the guests arrive everyone feels comfortable and able to relax.

Share your house party tips

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